Tanzania Peaberry

$ 14.95

Region: Hai and Moshi Rural districts of the Kilimanjaro region

Varietal: Bourbon

Process: Washed, milled on site by hand, dried on raised beds

Aroma: Citrus, woodsy

Body: Clean, intoxicating

Tasting Notes: Black currant & Honeysuckle

Finish: Sharp, bright

Tanzania’s best coffees are cultivated primarily in the Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions of the country, which lie at elevations of 1,100 to 1,700 meters above sea-level. The producers of Tanzania Peaberry typically have farms of between 1 to 2 hectares in size and cultivate banana, avocado and maize in addition to coffee. Many of the farms rely on organic means to fertilize their crops, using animal manure and mulch from their maize crop. The coffee is fully washed and milled on-site, using hand-made pulpers, buckets for fermentation, and then dried on mats or raised beds. Once the parchment has dried, the farmers usually sell the parchment coffee as and when they require money. Rainfall gives this coffee a sparkling acidity, floral and fruity notes with an interesting woody finish.