Minturn Station Blend

$ 12.95

Origin: Central & South America, Indonesia

Aroma: Nutty, herbaceous

Body: Medium

Tasting Notes: Velvety Caramel & Creamy Nougat

Finish: Sweet, mild

An intriguing blend of Indonesian, Central and South American coffees. Full- bodied with a well- rounded flavor and a light acidity. An easy drinking blend with a nutty aroma and a delicately tart, creamy body.

This blend is named after the wonderful historic town that is the home of our roasting company. We created a light roast  blend dominated by rich smooth Indonesian coffees. The coffee is Full-bodied and well rounded with light acidity. The town is named for Robert Bowne Minturn, Jr., who was vice president of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad that founded the town. Minturn's oldest families settled at the confluence of Gore Creek and the Eagle River in the late 1800s. With the arrival of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad in 1887, Minturn quickly developed into a booming crossroads for transportation and industry. Despite this transformation from the Old West to the new, Minturn maintains its distinctive character, architecture and quality of life.